Ever since I remember myself photography was a part of me .  
Always stood aside or peeking from weird angles observing people.
As a daughter of a movie theatre owner, I spent hours in the screening room, watching movies through the eyepiece.
The day I entered the cinema to see a movie on a big screen I realised the power images can have.

Over the years, as much as I love movies, I felt much more connected to the world of stills photography - the immediacy of the frame.
To pass emotions and a story through a single frame.
My biggest challenge is to succeed in bringing to light the individuality and beauty of my subjects.
I believe that in every person you can find beauty.
You just need the sensitivity and patience to bring it out of them.
I love taking things that are unusual and integrate them in pictures. To create magical moments that, on one hand, allow the viewer to escape from the routine, and face the most blatant reality on the other. 
Photography is another language for me, a universal language that enables me connect with people all over the world. 

Today I mainly shoot portraits, fashion and concept work combined with macro for the soul. 
The influence of movies is still very evident in my work. Starting from extreme crop & image processing, using unconventional lighting.
I define myself as a photographer & art director that sins with writing. 
I train beginning photographers, love travelling and meeting new people. Based in Israel.